River City Program Helps Incoming Freshman


Jescherie Pascua Arela, Writer

RCHS Link Crew Leadership conducted a meeting on Thursday to introduce their program to the students who are applying to be next school years’ link leaders in the RCHS Career Center during both lunches.
Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience.
“This program started two years ago and Ms. Schroeder was the first to think of this idea,” said Kate Forman, one of the Link Crew Coordinators.
Upperclassmen are assigned a group of 4-5 incoming freshmen and become a resource for them to help answer any questions or help solve problems that the new students may encounter throughout the school year.
Freshmen Isabel Brambila began her River City career in August and met her Link Leader, Junior Victoria Blake in the freshmen orientation, weeks before the school starts.
“If I need anything, I know I could go to her, if I needed help and it is helpful for freshmen because they have someone to go with and it helps them not to be left out on the first day of school,” said Brambila.
To be a Link Leader, students need to demonstrate commitment, responsibility, character, leadership, dedication and strong communication throughout the school year.
“I expect that every year we make gains, like we set small goals and we work hard toward for those goals like targeting freshmen who are having trouble in specific areas, and we fix them little by little,” said Ms. Forman
The Link Crew Leadership Program has a lot of benefits like learning how to be a leader, becoming responsible to help others, it also looks great on college applications and it could help students to fulfill their requirements in school like service learning or community service.
Sophomore Malvika Umara is one of the students who is signing up for this program and she thinks that joining the Link Crew Leadership will be “excellent for incoming freshmen to introduce things about our school.”
“Joining Link Crew is going to be a lot of work,” said Umara.
To prove that the students want to be in Link Crew, the first challenge that the LC coordinators made to the students is to go to Dickey’s Barbeque Pit for a fundraiser on Thursday, February 25th.
Ms. Forman said, “Ms. Schroeder and I are excited about Link Crew, we try to make improvements every year, so that it benefits not only the freshmen, but the leaders and in turn that affects the school which is really the goal of the program.”