Fresh(men) Beginnings: What to expect

Mini-An Nyugen , Reporter

     As you walk onto the River City High School campus, the eight sand colored buildings like a dated prison. The bars of the fence and gates surround the buildings. The impatient seniors, chill juniors, and rowdy sophomores huddle in their groups, stoked for the next step in their life.

     The tension filled air welcomes Freshmen, making them anxious  for events that are to come in the new school year.

     Many eighth graders are frightened from the thought that high school may live up to its expectations of the picking on of Freshmen, drama, and stress filled classes. High school is a period of time in your life, where many ups and downs occur.

     The first day of school is definitely what makes a majority of the Freshmen nervous. Many of them are worried about getting lost, how they look, or whether their classes will be easy or not.

     The reassurance from current high schoolers is still not enough to convince them that high school will not be that bad. Advice is usually asked for on ‘How to Survive the First Day of School’ or such like that, so here is some.

     “Attending freshmen orientation is a must. Keeping a positive mindset toward excelling and doing your best is important. Also, a new setting is always something that you have to adjust to, but by keeping an open mind, positive attitude, and overall portraying the best version of yourself will be a major help in socializing around campus.” Pavan Narayan, a current freshman who is very dedicated to improving the school and making it a better place, advises, “Also P.S. DON’T RUN TO THE LUNCH LINES and actually participate in the rallies, games, and dances.”

      Narayan went to Southport Elementary, and is participating in clubs such as Black Student Union (BSU), Multicultural Club (MCC), VP of Asian Pacific Islanders (API), Key Club, and Interact.

     “A lot of the clubs that I participate in share the common goal of helping improve our community to ensure the excellment of our school through providing insight and knowledge of each club and what it stands for to our fellow RC students.”

     He also recommends joining these clubs for incoming, even current RC students.

     However, after the first day, nerves usually calm down. Although high school is nothing like middle school, a lot of middle school aspects still continue to affect you.

     Adapting to the new schedule is one big thing, where River City is on a 4 by 4 block schedule, compared to middle school where there is frequently 6 periods. Since classes are much longer, staying on track and on top of your work is a big concern.