Raider Wrestling

The River City Wrestlers take on the League Championships.

Luz Camacho and Zoe Vergara


     The young River City Wrestlers found success at the League Championships that took place on Saturday, February 2, at Laguna Creek High School.

     Kamyshein’s freshman sister, Nicole, said, “I warm up, jump up and down, and stretch,” when asked how she prepares for matches.

     It takes more than just physical endurance to be a wrestler. For most wrestlers, they have to watch what they eat to maintain their weight and be in a specific weight class to be eligible for matches.

     “I have to watch my weight and I can’t stuff my face. Before a tournament, on fridays, I can’t eat a lot. I have to eat bananas,” first place wrestler, Xavier Davis stated.

     Another first place wrestler, Cody Roosevelt responded, “Weight does not really affect me that much because I am so far under my weight class it does not matter for me, but even if I were close it would not matter because all of our weights are done in the wrestling room. We just have to watch what we eat.”

     “I don’t eat as much as I used to. I used to eat hella junk. It makes me feel sad that I can’t eat as much,” Kamyshein added.

     “It’s weird because like it depends on who I am going against. If its someone I have lost, I go in more confident than if I haven’t wrestled them because I know what they are going to do, so I know how to stop them but if I have never wrestled them then I would never know what to expect,” Roosevelt shared.

     Competing in a wrestling match is hard enough as it is. But for wrestlers competing for championships, the pressure gets more intense.

     Coach Stolpe explained, “The winning or losing doesn’t really affect me. I’m more concerned with how they performed. If our kids wrestle well, regardless if they win or lose, I’m happy. If they don’t wrestle well, then I’m not happy about that.”

     “I feel like the greatest thing ever and like I accomplished the world,” Davis said. Davis also added, “I feel like I gave it my all but the other person just outworked me,” commenting on how it feels to lose.

     In all, the River City Wrestling team is not only a team, but also a family that always has each other’s backs.