What are you Doing this Summer: Going or Staying?

Summer vacation is near and students all around the world are preparing plans for then next eight weeks of summer. Whether you’ll be staying home relaxing all summer doing nothing or in a far away land thousands of miles away, everyone will be doing something this summer.

According to a survey done by insurance company AAA, only a third of Americans will even end up going on a summer vacation that is at least fifty miles or farther. Another annual poll done by the Chicago Tribune shows that most Americans can’t even afford to take a vacation this summer. For the average family of four a vacation costs upwards of about $4250.

Students at River City High School will be doing all different types of activities this summer.

Many people vacation using cars, planes, walking, whatever they can do to get to their point of interest.

Many students staying in town for the summer, find a summer job.

Rajesh Reddy, a Junior at River City High School, says “My plans this summer is to travel, go to car shows, and help at the motel my family owns. I am going to travel both in and out of state”.

“This summer, I am travelling and working and playing tennis if i can. I work at the rec center with kids from sports camp,” says Carson Cook.

Cook is a Junior that plays basketball and he enjoys watching and talking about sports.

He also adds, “I am going to Ohio this summer. I am visiting my great aunt and uncle because we haven’t seen them since we went to their house in Washington. When I am there, I am going to 2 baseball games. I have never been to the New England area of America. I have been to Mexico twice, Oklahoma, Denver, Washington DC, Oregon, Nevada, and Canada, it’s a lot, but it’s been fun. Hopefully there’s more than just farms in Ohio. I would like to visit New York. I want to go to Madison Square Garden . My two favorite places would be New York and LA because i am really into sports and those are the hubs of sports. I have been to LA although it would be cool to visit the big city of New York”.

Around the country, many people will be travelling to many different states. Whether its a road trip down the humid east coast, or flying to the busy streets of Los Angeles, tourist will be everywhere trying to experience new things.

Even though most trips are going to be local or national, some people also travel around the world.

“My plans are to play basketball and water polo, and also work. I am going to travel to China. One big trip for sure to China and possibly some other small day trips to local places,” said Austin Ritter. He is a Sophomore at River City High School. He plays water polo, basketball, and swims.

Whatever it is you’re doing this summer make sure it’s safe and you enjoy yourself.

Now that the end of the school year is coming to an end, we hope that you all stay safe and have a fun summer!